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Jon Hume

1.) What is your name and where in the WWW (Whole Wide World) do you live?

Jon:  Hi, my name is Jon Hume. I’m currently living in Haywards Heath, Sussex, in the UK.

2.) What do you do for a living, what pays the bills? And what is the thing you do when you are not doing the thing that pays the bills?

Jon:  I’m the ‘Head of Digital’ at BradleyDyer Media - A Full Service Marketing Agency based in Reigate, Surrey. In addition to software projects, web design & development, we produce ‘real-world’ digital projects such as interactive touch-screen installations and multi-screen video walls. In my spare time I am learning objective-C to program for the iPhone, in between reading pretty much every tech blog on the web. 

3.) How much of what you do, personally or professionally, gets done at the work space featured?

Jon:  Professionally speaking, most of the time I manage to keep my work during office hours, however, knowing that I have all the kit I need at home should I have to bring anything home with me is a great safety net. Personally - all of my other projects are completed (or almost completed) here. In the early part of this year my set-up really earned it’s keep as I worked almost non-stop to hit deadline for a massive project, a lot of which was completed at home. 

4.) Typically, what time of the day do you normally find yourself at this desk, and for how long? Night owl, early bird?

Jon:  I normally find myself here first thing in the morning and then I am usually camped here after work until I go to bed!

5.) How much of what gets done at your desk is for work, how much is it to scratch your own creative itch?

Jon:  As this is my home workspace pretty much everything I do here is for my own pleasure, I have a few ‘commercial’ projects but mostly I am learning and keeping up to date with new technologies I can use in my professional capacity. 

6.) What are the essentials that can be found on your desk more times than not? How about those items just out of reach or out of sight? If it’s not on top of your desk what are the things you most often grab out of a top draw or cabinet?

Jon:  Everything I need is on my desk - MacBook Pro, 24” Cinema Display and iPhone 4 are essentials, the rest is a luxury. I try to keep my workspace distraction free, as for me, the internet is enough of a distraction on its own! 

7.) What beverage/food/snack can one usually find at your desk, and why?

Jon:  No eating at the desk, crumbs are the enemy! However - when working late I usually have either Red Bull or Lucozade to hand at all times to help keep my eyes open!

8.) Do you have any reasoning or anecdotes that lend some insight into why your desk is setup the way it is, or the thinking behind certain item(s)?  How about the things around your desks? Decoration, wall art, figurines, statues, etc? Any particular reason behind those?

Jon:  I keep everything very simple around the desk, the focus is on the technology and what it gives me access to. The soft backlight behind the screen helps my eyes when I am working late and makes it easy for me to focus on the screen. 

9.) How much of what you do, or aspire to do, influences your desk setup, tangibly and intangibly. 

Jon:  I work with technology all day, so for me having the best tools that I can afford to buy is important. I guess this is the reason behind my desk being the way it is, some people might call it an Apple obsession - but if someone else makes a better product (in my opinion) then I will buy it instead. 

10.) Are you a Mac or are you a PC? What machine(s) are setup and used at your desk? If you are a little bit of both tell us why. How about any other tech gear that can be found at your desk or in your home?

Jon:  Until about 4 years ago I was 100% PC. I used to build my own machines exactly the way I wanted them. When I switched to using a laptop I became increasingly frustrated with the build quality of the PC options available. When my Dell XPS 1330 had a graphics failure after only 6 months I knew it has time to get something with a higher build quality. Since then I have owned a MacBook and now a 15” MacBook Pro which goes everywhere with me! Since then I have owned 2 iPhone 3G’s an iPhone 3GS and now my iPhone 4, as well as adding the 24” LED Cinema Display and wireless peripherals for using my MacBook Pro when I’m at home. My iPad is getting used more and more as I integrate it into my life, but for me it is always going to be better for media consumption than creation. 

My MBP is probably in use for about 15-18 hours a day, and it has never caused me a single problem :) 

11.) What’s the one piece of gear you could not live without?

Jon:  I think for me it has to be my iPhone, all the models I have owned have been excellent. I use a lot of data and voice minutes - if only the battery life was a little longer it would be the perfect gadget. It is definitely the best smartphone available today and with continued developer support for all of my favourite apps I am sure it will continue to be my platform of choice for some time. 

12.) What piece of gear cannot be found on your desk, but you wish it could be?

Jon:  I am currently looking into purchasing a NAS of some description for storing all my media files so I am not carrying them with me on my laptop hard drive all the time! I need somewhere to have everything backed up as well. This will be my next purchase for sure.

I recently moved away from having speakers attached to my laptop as I was planning on upgrading to a better music solution - still haven’t decided what I want to replace them with, I am open to suggestions from anyone! 

13.) Software; what do you use more often than not. What helps you get the job done? And what do you not use, but hope one day to incorporate in your workflow?

Jon:  I use Creative Suite CS3 all day, every day for Photoshop, Illustrator and occasionally Dreamweaver. I mainly use Espresso as my code editor as I prefer the way it handles CSS. Suitcase Fusion 2 is great for font management and everyone at BradleyDyer uses it . 

Safari and Chrome are my browsers of choice, and I am a fan of the new elements in Safari 5 such as the reader view, it is great for reading longer blog posts. When I do occasionally need to do something in Windows I always use VMWare Fusion 2, a great product and it runs just as well on my MBP at home as it does on my Mac Pro at work.

14.) If you could change one thing about your desk, or the room it is currently in, what would that be? 

Jon:  I would have my workspace in a dedicated room and not in my bedroom. Sometimes it is a little too easy to work late into the night and not spend time relaxing before going to bed! As well as this I would like to add an iMac to my collection, sometimes having a true desktop machine is advantageous and it would be a nice luxury to give my MacBook a rest every now and again - it gets used all day every day! 

15.) Workspace Breakdown;

Think of as many things as possible that comprise the setup of your office or workspace, anything from the paint color on the walls to the floor mat your chair rolls on, and list them out. Who makes your desk, how about the cabinet next to your desk, your lamp, the overhead light fixture? Anything and everything you can see in the pictures shown, give as much color and background on these items as time and memory permits. 


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