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Justin Kemp

1.) What is your name and where in the WWW (Whole Wide World) do you live?

Justin:  My name is Justin Kemp, I live in Northampton, MA.  I’m known to most as ‘the chillest bro in the valley’.

2.) What do you do for a living, what pays the bills? And what is the thing you do when you are not doing the thing that pays the bills?

Justin:  I work as an artist assistant for a guy named Tom.  When I’m not helping making his art, I make my own.  When i’m not making art, I’m still making art because.

3.) How much of what you do, personally or professionally, gets done at the work space featured?

Justin:  I’ve collapsed the boundaries between my personal and professional life so most of my endeavors can be done in the sandbox. 

4.) Typically, what time of the day do you normally find yourself at this desk, and for how long? Night owl, early bird?

Justin:  Sunrise and Sunset.

5.) How much of what gets done at your desk is for work, how much is it to scratch your own creative itch?

Justin:  I make no differentiation between work and scratching.  

6.) What are the essentials that can be found on your desk more times than not? How about those items just out of reach or out of sight? If it’s not on top of your desk what are the things you most often grab out of a top draw or cabinet?

Justin:  I like to keep the desk clean to make more room for the internet, where everything is within reach.

7.) What beverage/food/snack can one usually find at your desk, and why?

Justin:  Beer. It’s my relaxation station, my confidence container, my motorcycle sidecar, my little sisters best friend, my finger in the fifth pocket, my accidental spit bubble, my secret sins I never shared in confession..

8.) Do you have any reasoning or anecdotes that lend some insight into why your desk is setup the way it is, or the thinking behind certain item(s)?  How about the things around your desks? Decoration, wall art, figurines, statues, etc? Any particular reason behind those?


Jack Johnson poster to remind me about life,

The ruby red slippers to remind me of endless possibilities.

9.) Are you a Mac or are you a PC? What machine(s) are setup and used at your desk? If you are a little bit of both tell us why. How about any other tech gear that can be found at your desk or in your home?

Justin: Mac Pro, 2 x 2.66 GHz, 9 GB RAM, 2 TB HDs.  22” Acer monitors, Logitech Anywhere MX.  13” Macbook pro, 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM Casio keyboard

10.) What’s the one piece of gear you could not live without?

Justin:  Internet.

11.) What piece of gear cannot be found on your desk, but you wish it could be?

Justin:  Vegetables. 

12.) Software; what do you use more often than not. What helps you get the job done? And what do you not use, but hope one day to incorporate in your workflow?

Justin:  Chrome and iTunes.  In the future I’d like to learn how to use: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FCP, After Effects, Flash, Word and many other programs.

13.) Did you build the sandbox yourself? Is it actual beach sand? How did you acquire the materials/know-how to build the box?

Justin:  I built the sandbox myself with some wood I stole and sand I bought from Home Depot.  There is plastic under the sand as well, just in case someone or something goes pee-pee.

14.) It appears in the pictures that both your TV stand and coffee table are made of the same wood. Did you build those as well?

Justin:   Yeah, I made the other stuff in the room, but it’s all super shitty.  

15.) After spending some time in the sandbox, how do you manage to brush your feet off so as to not end up with sand all over the rest of the house?

Justin:  I don’t brush off my feet and now there IS sand all over my house, and it’s really starting to suck.

16.) What kind of chair is featured in those shots?

Justin:  Oh shit, my chair is amazing!  It’s the Generation chair by Knoll.  Worth every penny, highly recommended for mouse pushers.

17.) True artists never stop making art, but my question for you is what kind of art do you primarily aspire to make. Music? Painting/drawing? Photography? Do you write?

Justin:  Ummm… though i hold a Masters degree in Fine Art, I still can’t really explain the kind of art I make without sounding like an idiot.  My best answer is just my website, people will get it.

18.) Given that you can work on your Mac Pro in your house with your feet in the sand, do you ever work on an actual beach with your MacBook? Do you find it is easier to relax barefoot in the sand while working, or is it so relaxing at times that you actually get less done? 

Justin:  The sand is relaxing, but for me, its more a symbol of my permanent vacation.  It’s the design of a lifestyle where ‘work’ becomes so satisfying that vacation and retirement become undesirable.  It’s a permanent state of chill.

19.) If you could change one thing about your desk, or the room it is currently in, what would that be?

Justin:  I wonder if I’ll ever find true love….

20.) Workspace Breakdown;

Think of as many things as possible that comprise the setup of your office or workspace, anything from the paint color on the walls to the floor mat your chair rolls on, and list them out. Who makes your desk, how about the cabinet next to your desk, your lamp, the overhead light fixture? Anything and everything you can see in the pictures shown, give as much color and background on these items as time and memory permits.


  • Computer
  • Desk 
  • Chair 
  • Sandbox 
  • Jack Johnson 
  • Ruby Red Slippers 
  • Internet 
  • Life is full of endless possibilities 


If you would like to learn more about Justin Kemp, his workspace, or his work, you can find him at the sites listed below;

Twitter - wordsicantpsell

Delicious - lowfive

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